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We provide pan India free door delivery through our courier partners. There are few pin codes which come under Out of Delivery area (ODA location). We provide delivery to these locations as well at a minimal fee of Rs. 500/- These are basically remote areas where its is difficult for the courier companies to reach. However you can consult our team for further details on the same.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product, we provide 3 days window to intimate us for the return. Once the return request Is placed, you have to dismantle the chair and box pack it again as you have received the package. Our executive will contact you and schedule the pickup through any courier possible. In the process we need our customers to cooperate and get the chair dispatched in proper condition.


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The comfiest office chairs are the most expensive, meaning a full-blown executive chair with luxury features may be worth it for those who need something to truly alleviate pain or discomfort. A full-blown ergonomic chair with luxury features is for those who prioritize comfort and quality over price factor.

There are many ergonomic chairs with specific features to encourage the user to sit up straight, align their bone structure, and feel comfortable while they work. Some of the features you might want to look out for if you’re shopping around include a back support that curves inwards as well as a lumbar support.

The foremost important feature in an office chair is the lumbar support or the lower back support. Long hours of sitting can put a lot of pressure on your lumbar region. That’s why it is important for the back support to be perfect, so that there’s no pain.

One of the most common problems among office workers is pain and pressure in the lower back specifically the L4 – L5 region. Adequate lumbar support is one common feature that many office chairs have and some people find them very helpful. Many office chairs have a back that can be adjusted to fit the user better. The ideal position for the backrest is where you feel it supporting the curvature of your lower spine.

Generally, a back support refers to any support that is given for the lower spine. Technically, this refers to the vertebrae in your lower spine but most of us think of it as a brace. When a person sits in a hunched position, there is usually pressure on their lower back (L4 and L5). Slouching causes more stress on the lower vertebra of the spine, (L4 & L5). Sitting in a neutral position has its benefits. You can focus better, feel less pain and you’re more mindful of your posture. But without the right equipment, it’s hard to maintain a neutral spinal position all the time.

Dining chairs are often too low, desks too high and sofas too comfortable – this means we spend lots of time just in a bad position. This is why we at Ample Seating’s help you to choose a proper ergonomic office chair to bridge the gap in this position.  Have a look at our great range of office chairs online. We provide Easy Purchase, Easy Installation, Easy Exchange and Easy Return if you find our chairs uncomfortable.

WFH or work from home is a job done by the employees for their employers by staying at home. Every major companies have this concept of WFH for their employees which can be opted at the time of personal emergency or national emergency. Mainly this is done in all IT companies.

In the time of Covid19 all major companies have given their employees few tasks which has to be completed at home during lockdown. During this time there is a huge rise in demand for office chairs online all over the globe in every household for spending long hours on the computers. Major problem faced by employee is that they do not have a proper seat to work from because they were never prepared for this time and now after the lockdown people are hunting to buy office chairs online to sit and work. Unfortunately all logistics have been stopped so they are not able to receive their chair even after buy office chairs online through major marketplace.

It is estimated that there will be huge demand for office chairs after the lockdown is over because huge mnc will not take the risk to continue with normalcy the next day after lockdown ends. It will take time to get to normal work schedule, so till then people are bound to work from home. Hence to be comfortable people will be in need for a comfortable office chair to avoid body pains and increase productivity.

It has been noticed that Herman miller has huge demand for their chairs in this time, their employees have no time and have lots of delivery pending. However its a big brand and can be bought only by the rich people. Similarly we can look for Ergohuman ChairZoner Chair & Galaxy chair supplied by an office furniture ecommerce store online named Ample Seatings.

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