Work From Home Chairs During Covid 19


Mr. Swafan from MosTV purchased Zoner Executive Chair from Ample Seatings. He based at Calicut, Kerala.

Mr. Swafan shared the unboxing video on his You tube Channel. Also, shared details about the product features, quality and guidelines on how to purchase this product from Ample Seatings Website.

Some features of Zoner Executive chair are as follows:

  • Headrest Height and Angle adjustment : Multi position headrest height adjustable with angle tilt feature for optimum head to neck support.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support : Height adjustable Lumbar support system to provide adequate lower back support
  • 2D Armrest adjustment : ARM HEIGHT adjustments that allows your elbows and forearms to be supported by the arm rests.  By properly aligning the elbow and therefore wrist on the keyboard, many repetitive wrist and hand injuries can be avoided
  • Multi angle locking backrest tilt mechanism : Multi angle backrest locking tilt mechanism with body weight tension adjustments to smoothen the seating experience.
  • Seat Height & Seat Slide Adjustment : The sliding seat, enlarges and shortens the seat depth and thereby offers more support in the lumbar region. Seat slide adjustment is also useful in getting adequate thigh support for a 90 degree thigh to feet posture.
  • Mesh Material : The mesh material used is Nylon for its extra ability to stretch and thick wire finish to provide toughness.
  • Seat Matrerial : Energy absorbing soft mesh upholstery to absorb heat created by continuous seating at one place. The advantage of mesh seat can be understood after long hours use, it provides ventilation to hips and thighs that helps in avoiding rashes and other problems.
  • Frame Material : Nylon + Glassfiber frame which offers exceptional toughness to the product
  • Chair Base : 5 prong steel base with Nylon Castors
  • Hydraulic : Heavy duty gas lift for seat height adjustment bearing capacity 150kgs

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